Since I started working in health and fitness over 15 years ago, I’ve been fortunate to work with amateur and professional athletes across a wide range of sports. As well as professional Endurance athletes I have also provided strength and conditioning for Professional Ballet dancers, Show Jump riders and fighters as well as amateur athletes across nearly all sports. From Tennis to Wind Surfing I’ve been able to learn and evolve through a wide range of sports.

To provide an accurate Strength and Conditioning program I use a series of techniques. The process begins with a video analysis where I look at the athletes basic biomecahnics. Then I will use relevant camera angles whilst the athlete is performing their sport, to see if there are movement patterns or specific areas that need to be addressed. I may place the camera on a riding helmet, wrist, handlebar or float in the water to get the information I need.

I will also perform a series of body fat and Cardiovascular tests using medical standard technology, to get an accurate starting and reference point as the program moves forward and progress is made.

From this series of analysis and tests, I will provide a sport specific Strength and Conditioning program that is unique to the athlete as well as the sport they are competing in. Having worked across a wide range of sports I’m used to integrating my program with the program or training philosophy of other coaches, and I’m used to collaborating successfully.

The ongoing progress of the program is maintained with regular communication through email, WhatsApp, Skype or whichever route works best. Regular video updates and communication provide continuity as well as progress, and after a fixed period of time a follow up analysis can be arranged to measure progress more accurately.

I’m used to working with athletes across Europe and Im willing to work with athletes in a wide range of locations, providing an initial video analysis and assessment can take place face to face.